Finished a project!

I have finished a project that I started some several years ago called Ahoy Bears.  It is a Dimensions kit, and was intended as a birthday present for Hilary.  Well, several years later she now has it in her hands.  Soon I will photograph it, and see if I can get my camera to talk to my computer!


I am now moving on to a Janlynn kit that I started in the year that Hilary first went to a filk con, which was Decadence.  So, that was 17 years ago.  It is of a dragon wrapped around a castle, and is called “The Castle”.  I won’t say on here who it is for, though they are probably not going to be reading this,  but I hope they like it when they get it – eventually.  Unfortunately it got lost for a while, which is why it is such a long time getting finished.  I had difficulty with some of the symbols, as they use a lot of numbers as symbols, and I am number dyslexic.

I am determined to finish it this time.


Today seems to be a day for feeling a bit disheartened, however, as the weather is affecting my FMS and my pain level is very high.  Still, we have friends coming to see us tomorrow, so that is something to look forward to.

Experimenting with a blog about my sewing.

This year I am determined to get several cross stitch projects that were set aside finished.  I am in the process of finding them all, but some are already being worked on.  I am going to write about them as I work on them, I hope, and put up pictures when they are finished.  Maybe later I will show what they look like while I am working on them, but not yet.

I love cross stitch.  But I am very prone to wanting to start a new kit or project before I have finished the one I was working on.  I have finished things.  But many are still works in progress.  A few I abandoned for good reasons such as having trouble seeing the holes in 18 count aida, or 28 count linen.  Then they got forgotten, or put “somewhere safe”!!!

Encouragement from my friends will help, I think.  So if you want to comment, please do.